In the flow of life
I remember as a child going to many festivities with my family and traveling around my country of Perú, and the city of Cusco where I was born. From the coast, to the Andes and the jungle, everything was a mix of colors, textures, sensations, smells and life circumstances. Each place there were different people from different villages and different traditions. All of these experiences are still alive in my life and have influenced my instincts to create designs and art in my work from paintings to handbags and the jewelry that I produce. Also I like observing nature, which is a nourishment for my soul and inspiration too.

An artist
I have always enjoyed the process of creation, it allows me to connect with my inner world.
I received a bachelor’s degree in art and graphic design at the School of Art in Lima, Perú PUC. After graduation I worked many years in this field with various companies in Lima and Cusco. I moved to the United States where I started first a business doing faux finish and decorative painting along with fine art designing logos. I have been fortunate to have traveled around the world, seeing other cultures and art forms, which have helped me develop the artistic designs in my handbags and jewelry.

About the bags
My inspiration and philosophy comes from designing a bag for the person who wants a different alternative and a unique handbag for themselves.
I enjoy integrating and using different materials, different kinds of leather, then adding my designs in vibrant colorful palettes and organic textiles usually from Perú. I also like to add stones to my bags like Lapislazuli, Onyx, Turquoise, seashells, pins etc. In addition I like to use my hand paintings in some of my bags. My bags come in collections of 7, each theme is different and unique, all handmade and in limited production.

About the Jewelry
I like design in silver because have a diferent connotations in cultures represent nigth, women, fertility, femininity and the moon.
In my Jewelry designs I love to use gems and crystals mix with silver. Only I do limited collection they are handmade as well my bags.

I live in Ridgway, Colorado USA where I have a studio and where I create and design my bags and jewelry.

Also, I respect the human resorces who work with me and every time you buy a bag or one of my jewels you are helping the reforestation of the Southern Amazon of Peru.



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